Why RHT–HydrogenationSM and HDSSM


RHT has developed optimum configuration for Benzene Saturation which provides high selectivity, lower Capex and Opex and longer catalyst life with conventional catalyst and most of the equipment is operated at low pressure so as to use low temperature heating medium for reformate splitter reboiler. If reformate splitter pressure is increased, the distillation is not at the optimum condition and needs higher reflux and bottom reboiler requires a furnace or hot oil system to reboil the Splitter column.

Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Technology
Iso-octene/Iso-octane Technology
All selective hydrogenation    technologies forC3 to C7    hydrocarbons
FCC Gasoline HDS Technology
Benzene Saturation Technology
Kerosene/Diesel HDS Technology
Ethers Technology for China and    Europe/Russia
Alpha to Beta Isomerization and Pure    Isobutylene Technology
Octene Technology
Biodiesel Technology

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