WHY RHT  EtherificationSM Technology



  • Novel configuration removes the equilibrium constraints and provides maximum conversions and higher yields for all ether applications.
  • Process  are available for Heavy Ethers (LCN ), MTBE, TAME, ETBE and TAEE with conventional catalyst and maximum conversions.
  • Conventional catalyst and configuration lends to catalyst change while on line , hence conversions are higher on an average compared to any technology available in the market.
  • Extra equipment for high conversion is paid off by low catalyst cost in months for high conversion applications and for nominal conversions in about a year.
  • For ETBE and TAEE no  Ethanol dehydration required, wet Ethanol can be used providing maximum conversions. If need be the TBA specification can be met by optimum design providing high ETBE yield and conversion.
  • Cost of Ethanol dehydration is much more than the alternate configuration for wet Ethanol RHT process.
  • Provides lower utilities.
  • Overall Capex is lower with conventional catalyst usage compared to other technologies.

  • RHT can provide maximum conversion compared any technology.
  • No complicated or proprietary internals in column.
  • Distillation performed at optimum conditions .
  • Provide selective Hydrogenation By RHT technology
Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Technology
Iso-octene/Iso-octane Technology
All selective hydrogenation    technologies forC3 to C7    hydrocarbons
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