Why RHT– HydrogenationSM and HDSSM



RHT has also developed LCN naphtha selective hydrogenation and mercaptan removal, using a proprietary technique, so as to maximize LCN recovery. This lends itself to gasoline HDS of HCN that has low content of olefins and severe HDS requirements to meet the specification, provide low olefin saturation and lower octane loss than the competing technologies. This optimum configuration provides longer catalyst life with conventional catalyst and lower Opex and Capex

RHT does not use any packaged or proprietary catalyst which is cumbersome to load, and could have maldistribution, fouling is avoided by the optimum configuration and operating conditions. Artificially temperature is not raised in catalyst zone by manipulating the liquid flow in recycle type of reactor which consumes much higher energy and complex heat integration. Catalyst life is still maintained in the normal life cycle experienced in these technologies.

Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Technology
Iso-octene/Iso-octane Technology
All selective hydrogenation    technologies forC3 to C7    hydrocarbons
FCC Gasoline HDS Technology
Benzene Saturation Technology
Kerosene/Diesel HDS Technology
Ethers Technology for China and    Europe/Russia
Alpha to Beta Isomerization and Pure    Isobutylene Technology
Octene Technology
Biodiesel Technology

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