WHY RHT-IsoocteneSM and RHT-IsooctaneSMTechnology:


  • Novel configuration provides low cost simple catalyst system , improves conversion and catalyst life.
  • With a new Selectivator, the RHT process provides higher yield and selectivity than other processes, Isobutylene conversion of 97 to 99 % to Isooctene product. Lower codimers produced. Reduces loss of normal olefins for Alkylation.
  • Conventional catalyst and configuration lends to catalyst change while on line, hence conversions are higher on an average compared to any technology available in the market.
  • Provides lower utilities, easier fractionation due to distillation performed at optimum conditions.
  • Overall economics is lower with conventional catalyst usage, compared to other technologies which use complicated catalyst and are much more expensive.
  • No complicated or proprietary internals in column including single source expensive catalyst.
  • Distillation performed at optimum conditions.
  • The hydrogenation of isooctene to isooctane is done at lower pressure , which reduces the capital cost and utilities.
    Essentially over 99 % olefin hydrogenation of isooctene to isooctane Paraffins is acheived.
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