Why RHT-Octene SM Technology:


  • Smart configuration allows distillation column and reactor to operate in optimum pressures providing lower Capex and Opex.
  • Provides high selectivity and conversion with multistage reactor integrated to the column.
  • Any trimers produced can be distilled out to have high purity product.
  • Normal fixed bed catalysts up flow or down flow reactor in two or single phase mode operation as required.
  • High purity over 96 % and selectivity to over 95% with selective zeolite or zeolite/Pt or other suitable catalysts
  • No proprietary catalyst /internals or any other equipment by single source
Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Technology
Iso-octene/Iso-octane Technology
All selective hydrogenation    technologies forC3 to C7    hydrocarbons
FCC Gasoline HDS Technology
Benzene Saturation Technology
Kerosene/Diesel HDS Technology
Ethers Technology for China and    Europe/Russia
Alpha to Beta Isomerization and Pure    Isobutylene Technology
Octene Technology
Biodiesel Technology

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