WHY RHT-AkylationSM


  • Novel mixing device
  • Economy of Scale
  • Low temperature isothermal operation
  • Refrigeration compressor OR ALTERNATE LOW COST OPTION, optimum for revamps.
  • Acid/Hydrocarbon separation with simple coalescers at optimum temperature.
  • Lower Capex and Opex by order of magnitude.  
  • Low Acid consumption
  • Higher Octane
  • Normal Process industry equipment
  • Reactor/Contactor internals simple/no seals etc
  • No single source internals to be replaced often
Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Technology
Iso-octene/Iso-octane Technology
All selective hydrogenation    technologies forC3 to C7    hydrocarbons
FCC Gasoline HDS Technology
Benzene Saturation Technology
Kerosene/Diesel HDS Technology
Ethers Technology for China and    Europe/Russia
Alpha to Beta Isomerization and Pure    Isobutylene Technology
Octene Technology
Biodiesel Technology

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